Bangladesh Celebrate Open Data Day 2018 with 17 Community Radio Station at rural level

Discussion on Open Data Day program

Like many countries across the globe, International Open Data Day 2018 was also observed in Bangladesh with 17 Community Radio Station level in rural Bangladesh on 3rd March 2018 with support from Open Knowledge Bangladesh and Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC). The day was observed at a special event in 17 districts with local civil society representative.

This year, community radio stations are preparing them for celebrating the OPEN DATA DAY 2018 in line with the Open research data, Tracking public money flows, Open mapping and Data for equal development. On this occasion, Community Radio stations will arrange a colorful rally, Radio talk show, Magazine program etc. The representative from media, practitioners, civil society members, administration, and delegates from the different level of the society joining the event. To celebrate the day published a booklet and leaflet about the day in the Bengali language in line with the theme.

AHM Bazlur Rahman, CEO of BNNRC said, This year one of our major focus to know how our government spends money. Our 17 local community radio station arrange the program in our station and share the theme with our guests and others.

Discussion about Open Data Day

With the support from BNNRC and Open Knowledge Bangladesh,  all 17 Community Radio stations namely – Community Radio Padma 99.2, Community Radio Nalta 99.2, Community Radio LokoBetar 99.2, Community Radio Pollikantha, Community Radio SagarGiri 99.2, Community Radio Mohananda 98.8, Community Radio Mukti 99.2, Radio Chilmari 99.2, Community Radio Jhenuk 99.2, Community Rural  Radio Krishi Radio 98.8, Community Borendro radio 99.2, Community Radio Naf 99.2, Community Radio Sundarban 98.8 and Community Radio Bikrampur 99.2, Community Radio Meghna, Community Radio Sagardwip and Community Radio Sarabela celebrated open data day for the first time.

In every event, community radio station head discussed various topics and issues of Open Data. This year our focus on Open research data, Tracking public money flows, Open mapping and Data for equal development. These included talks on what Open Data is, how it works, where Bangladesh fits in, etc. Aside from this, those interested to work with open data were introduced to various tools of Open Knowledge. A radio show in the Bengali language available at this link: Radio show about Open Daya Day 2018 


All community radio

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